Monday, April 16, 2012

Old Rayonier Mill Site To National Park Visitor's Center

If 1.3 miles of flat isn't enough to get your legs warmed up, you'll get that on some short, sharp climbs in the next mile, followed by a few blocks of flat on your way to the Olympic National Park visitors center..
(Your first taste of seven miles of steady climbing)

<- From the old mill parking lot, go up that steep driveway at the gate (Ennis Street) and through a couple stoplights and then climb some more, going left on 5th Street and a quick right (on Ennis, once again) up to Peninsula College.
(Peninsula College)

These are the steepest grades you'll face today. Definitely the steepest. But not the longest. Not by a longshot.

We'll do a little zig-zagging through the neighborhood flats here, so we don't prematurely lose our freshly earned altitude: right on Lauridsen Blvd in front of the college, one block then left on Liberty for one block, past the college parking lot, Right on Park, one or two blocks to a left on Porter one or two blocks to right on Grant Ave which after one block dumps us into the Olympic National Park Visitor's Center loop driveway.
(We've been riding for like, 20 minutes. Can't we stop and have a picnic or something?)

Take drink from the drinking fountain. Pick up a complimentary Olympic Park Map. See the stuffed animals inside. Give directions to an Asian tourist, bow politely, smile.

(Here's your elevation profile for this short leg.)

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