Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here's a route map for this ride

We'll have at least one person very familiar with this route riding along on the day of the ride.  But for people who want to ride it another time, or just want to check it out, I've mapped the route of this ride  here on Veloroutes (Thanks, Matt!)  And if that one loads too slowly, here is the same route on Bikelydotcom.
(Low quality screenshot)

If you're riding this route by yourself and have never done it before, both of these are viewable on your internet-capable smartphone or tablet, or you really want, you can print them out in sections at whatever level of zoom you like if you have to have it on paper.  Blog entries below have the route broken into sections, with some pictures of landmarks and descriptions of the turns of the route, which may also be helpful.

That's the overview.  If you want the leg-by-leg tour of the whole route, keep reading...

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