Saturday, April 14, 2012

Elwha Bridge to Port Angeles Marine Drive

(Elwha Bridge, viewed from the east)
After you cross under the Elwha Bridge, you ride down a ramp which dumps you (right) out onto a nice smooth and flat couple miles of sylvan bike trail winding through the woods to Kaycee Way, then crossing Lower Elwha Rd, staying on the bike path crossing West 18th Street, 14th Street

(Trail NOT closed.  Thank you Olympic Trails Coalition.)
and following the old Milwaukee Railroad grade (now MUP)  all the way back into the western neighborhoods of Port Angeles.  The MUP ends  in the residential nabe of South Milwaukee Avenue which dumps out onto 4th Street, continues
(Seems like there's a lotta junky old bikes in this town)
past Crown Park (nice view of the mill and harbor) and right after that, a short steep drop down Hill Street to Marine Drive.

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