Monday, April 16, 2012

Granny's Cafe to Log Cabin Resort

(Go right on East Beach Road)
Now that you're tanked up on pie and ice cream, continue west on HWY 101 (4) miles past Shadow Mountain Grocery (another chance for ice cream and snacks, if you didn't stop at Grannys) and another mile to East Beach Road.  There, you go right off the highway up that short sharp hill (probably the last time you'll need your small chain ring, if you're riding a triple) and carefully proceed a couple miles to Log Cabin Resort. We say "carefully," because at this point, you rarely have more than a couple of inches of shoulder, and the road twists and winds a lot. But it's only for a couple miles, on a lightly traveled road.

(Och, how'd we end up in Scotland?  Oh, right, that's Loch Crescent.)

Log Cabin Resort, for anyone who wants to see it, has a place to dip your toes in the lake if you're ready for a respite, and to check it out for a future vacation stay, but they aren't usually open for business until  Memorial Day weekend.

It's only about a 100 yards down that driveway on the left if you want to take a peek.  A good place to camp out if you come back with your mountain bike and want to ride the Olympic Adventure Trail, which has several segments in the immediate neighborhood.

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