Monday, April 16, 2012

Olympic National Park Visitor's Center to Lake Dawn

Exit the National Park Visitor's Center lot, go right up the hill and an immediate right at the Y in the road.

Here's where the real climbing starts:  you're beginning at about 300 feet elevation and about 4 miles later you are at about 2000 feet. Pace yourself.

(Believe it or not, that overpass goes to a logging road.) 
A hopeful landmark; known to the locals as Walking Horse Hill Overpass, once you get about another mile past this spot, the climb levels off considerably and and you realize you've made it. The rest of the ride is relatively flat.

Take a right on Lake Dawn Road,
(Lake Dawn road.  Tahoe meets Appalachia.)
and enjoy a quick leisurely pedal through our own miniature version local of some backroad Lake Tahoe neighborhood, with the A-frame cabins and the Ski-Doo parked under the deck, kayaks and firewood scattered all about, and in about 0.3 miles fade right onto Little River Road, for some fun back country dirt road descending. Yee-Haw.

Here's the elevation profile for what you just climbed (that last mile was pretty soft, admit it):

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