Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Legal Disclaimer

This is a not a race, but rather a casual ride, thought up by a few local cycling enthusiasts, with no support, no official organization, no entry fee or prizes, and if you choose to participate, you do so at entirely your own risk and responsibility.

(Dude.  Um... helmet?)
Obviously, if you're the sort of person who likes to ride 100km in one day, you are already well aware that riding a bicycle on public roads is an inherently risky activity which may result in injury or death at any time.

Add to that the mix of gravel roads with steep descents, riding in groups, riding in places you might encounter dangerous wildlife, riding on rough or twisty roads sometimes with little or no shoulder, and you may consider this ride even more inherently dangerous than your average road riding.  And you'd probably be right.

All the usual rules apply:  ride as safely as possible with the protective gear of your choice,  assume you appear invisible to cars, trucks and pedestrians, assume you appear delicious to bears and cougars, be sure to carry a flat kit or ride closely with someone who does, bring your phone so you can contact help in an emergency, bring some money to buy food and liquids along the route, or pack plenty on your own.

The Downtown Hotel is NOT in any way, shape or form a sponsor of this ride, but is merely offering, for an annual group ride, its parking lot as a starting point and its lobby as a gathering point for a casual after-ride social.   The Downtown Hotel accepts no liability or responsibility for accidents, injuries or any unpleasantness that may occur to any participating riders.   Each rider is solely responsible for their own safety and well-being.

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