Saturday, April 14, 2012

Past the paper mill out to the end of Ediz Hook...


At the bottom of Hill Street, go left on the sidewalk waterfront trail past the mill complex (trail is clearly marked) and a couple more miles of flat along the skinny sandspit we call Ediz Hook, all the way out to the gate of the Coast Guard station.  (But not beyond, I don't think they allow casual visitors on base, especially not a bunch of dirty hippies on bicycles.)
(Surely, you don't mean us, my good man?)

Then double back along the hook to the waterfront trail, past Castaways Restaurant, the boat haven and left at Tumwater Street through the Westport Shipyard

  for a quick one-minute drive-by tour of the luxury yacht building business in Port Angeles. 
You can continue left along sidewalk (this is technically the Waterfront Trail) to the Coho Ferry dock where you turn right on Laurel Street to get back to the hotel. The closer you stay to the water, the farther away from downtown traffic you'll be. Or if you want to go back out on the street, just take a left on Laurel to get back to the hotel.

Once again, click here for our Veloroutes map or click here for our same route on Bikely. Both show the entire route and can be viewed at any level of zoom on your computer or smart phone. Or printed out in sections if you like, using whichever print screen function you have on your computer.

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